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Create Default Shares action causes Windows to re-create 26 default shares on Windows startup every time

Affected version: from v1.86 to v1.89.

If you perform Create Default Shares action on a client computer, on next time the client computer restart, Windows system will re-create 26 default shares (from A$ to Z$). This was caused by a bug of Shares administration.

To resolve this issue, first run LanHelper on your computer and perform View Share action from Shares dialog to find client computers with 26 default shares, and then perform Delete Shares action from the View to delete any redundant shares.

Now open the Registry dialog from LanHelper (version 1.90 or newer), or run Windows Registry Editor on client computer, locate this key:
You will find 26 default shares here. Finally delete any default shares which ought not to exist on the system from this location.

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